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Day Time Event Speaker Name Presentation Title Organization
Tues. 9/11 8:00 Check in and Continental Breakfast      
Tues. 9:00 Welcoming Remarks Bo Walkely AWEC 2012 Welcoming Statement from NIA National Institute of Aerospace, Interim VP Research and Program Development 
Tues. 9:10 Keynote Speaker 1 Dr. Cristina Archer AWE: Progress since publication of the Global Assessment of High-Altitude Wind Power in 2009 University of Delaware
Tues. 9:30 Company Presenter 1 Wolbert Allaart Ampyx Power:Airborne wind energy, from vision to reality Ampyx Power, Netherlands
Tues. 9:50 Company Presenter 2 Ben Glass Altaeros Energies: From Prototype to Commercialization Altaeros Energies, Massachusetts
Tues. 10:10 Company Presenter 3 Daniel Gelbaum Sky WindPower: Autonomous Power Producing Flight in Controlled Outdoor Environment Sky WindPower, California
Tues. 10:30 Tea & Coffee     Sponsored by: AWEC
Tues. 10:40 Company Presenter 4 Andy Stough Practical Application of Ground Gen Systems: Challenges and Opportunities Windlift, North Carolina
Tues. 11:00 High Altitude Wind:  Dr. Ken Caldeira Geophysical Limits to Global Wind Power  Carnegie Institute of Science, CA
Tues. 11:20 Wind Resource Dr. Cristina Archer Global distributions and temporal variations of low-level winds for Airborne Wind Energy applications University of Delaware
Tues. 11:40 AWEC 2012 Award Presentation   The Airborne Wind Energy Consortium
Tues. 12:00 Lunch      
Tues. 1:00 Keynote Speaker 2 Dr. Chris Purvis AWE Power Plant Project Development Considerations Wind & Solar Power Project Developer, CA
Tues. 1:30 AWES Research 1 Patrick McGarey High Altitude Turbine Survey: Students Measure Airfoil Performance on a High Altitude Balloon Arizona State University
Tues. 1:50 AWES Research 2 Dr. Andrew Wagner First Experimental Results on Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for a Kite Launching Carousel KU Leuven, Belgium
Tues. 2:10 AWES Research 3 Dr. Lorenzo Fagiano A small-scale research prototype for the control of airborne wind energy generators with flexible wings: design and experimental results Politecnico di Torino, Italy   and         University of California, Santa Barbara, USA 
Tues. 2:30 Tea, Coffee, Snacks     Sponsored by: AWEC
Tues. 2:50 Thank You Sponsors! Michael Wagner Recognition of Sponsors NIA & Sponosrs
Tues. 3:00 AWEC 2013 Guido Luetsch Announcement of AWEC 2013 venue and dates Germany
Tues. 3:10 Company Presenter 5 Guido Luetsch NTS - Airborne Wind Energy on track(s) NTS Energie-und Transportsysteme, Germany
Tues. 3:30 Company Presenter 6 Dr. Alexander Bormann The EnerKite 30 kW mobile AWEC - from demonstration to utilization. Enerkite, Germany
Tues. 3:50 Company Presenter 7 Dr. Corwin Hardam Innovations in Onboard Generation Makani Power, California
Tues. 4:10 Day 1 Wrap up AWEC Director TBD    
Tues. 4:20 Walk to & Tour VASC   Virginia Air and Space Center Sponsored by: VASC
Tues. 5:00 Free time    
Tues. 6:30 Networking Reception to 7:15 Latitude 37 lounge Crowne Plaza Hotel Complimentary Beverage Courtesy of NIA Sponsored by:                                                 The National Institute of Aersospace
Tues. 7:30 Sigma Series Lecture at VASC Dr. Steven M. Sliwa Aeronautical Entrepreneuring with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Sponsored by: Virginia Air & Space Center and              NASA Langley Research Center  
Tues.   Consider IMAX movie VASC on your own  
Day Time Event Speaker Name Presentation Title Organization
Weds 9/12 7:30 Continental Breakfast & Late Checkin      
Weds. 8:30 Keynote Speaker 3 Dr. Qamar Shams Instrumentation Systems for Safe Operation of Airborne Wind Energy Systems NASA, Langley Research Center
Weds. 9:00 Company Presenter 8 Rob Creighton Economics of Mobile AWE for Distributed Power Generation Windlift, North Carolina
Weds. 9:20 Company Presenter 9 Alden Woodrow Developing utility scale wind power projects: economic realities Makani Power, California
Weds. 9:40 Modeling Dr. Cristina Archer Geographical and seasonal variability of the global “practical” wind power potential University of Delaware
Weds. 10:00 Tea & Coffee     Sponsored by: AWEC
Weds. 10:20 Keynote Speaker 4 Randall Strom Tethered High Altitude Wind Turbine and Range Safety at Wallops Flight Facility NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center,      Wallops Flight Facility
Weds. 10:40 AWES Research 4 Dr. Jamey Jacob, PE Design and Testing of Inflatable Structures for AWE Oklahoma State University
Weds. 11:00 AWES Research 5 David Janke EnerKite Network - Interdisciplinary technology in research & development Beuth Hochschule für Technik, Berlin, Germany collaborating with Enerkite
Weds. 11:20 AWES Research 6 Christine Lewis        with PJ Shepard Where might AWES fly over Minnesota and Nevada?   GIS-based Suitability Analysis California State University, Chico collaborating with Sky WindPower
Weds. 11:40 Offshore weather Bryan Fabbri Chesapeake Light Tower Meteorological Research Science Systems and Applications, Inc., VA
Weds. 12:00 Lunch      
Weds. 1:00 Keynote Speaker 5 Mason Inman Energy High in the Sky: Expert Perspectives on Barriers to Airborne Wind Energy Systems Near Zero
Weds. 1:30 Wind Resource Dr. Mark Jacobson Saturation Wind Power Potential and its Implications for Wind Energy Stanford University, California
Weds. 1:50 Company Presenter 10 Dr. Richard Ruiterkamp Certification of PowerPlane systems Ampyx Power, Netherlands
Weds. 2:10   FAA FAA AWES Rule Update & NextGen Airspace  
Weds. 2:30 Tea, Coffee, Snacks     Sponsored by: AWEC
Weds. 2:50 Workshop   AWES Airspace Strategy - sharing across continents  
Weds. 3:30 Workshop   Government Advocacy  
Weds. 4:00 Closing Remarks AWEC Chairman    
Weds. 5:00 END of networking  time in hotel ballrooom    

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